Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blow Me Down

All work and no play make Amy a dull girl, or so Amy's precocious daughter tells her as she convinces Amy to try a new virtual-reality game, Buckling Swashes. Amy agrees in the hope of humoring her child, but instead she winds up in the middle of an amazingly detailed world and right in the path of Corbin, one hot pirate captain who turns out to be one of the game's creators. What they also discover is that they're caught inside the game--in a trap set by a disgruntled employee--and must work together to save the game and themselves.

The first book I read by Katie MacAlister was The Corset Diaries, which I greatly enjoyed. I was unsure about this one however, because of the high standards the previous book gave me. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Some parts of the book were a little boring, but the overall story was entertaining. The love scenes are a little overdone, but it doesn't detract from the enjoyment as it is easy to skip those parts.

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