Monday, February 12, 2007

Promised Land

Plot of Promised Land by Connie Willis and Cynthia Felice:
Delanna returns home to the mining and farming planet Keramos to settle her mother's estate, take the money, and return to a civilized planet. To her dismay, she finds that to claim her inheritance she must stay on her mother's land for one year. She also learns that upon her mother's death she was automatically married to Sonny Tanner, a man she remembers (barely) from childhood.

Despite the numerous bad reviews, I consider this my favorite book in the whole world. I have read it at least ten times, and I have parts of it memorized. I will admit to parts of the book being annoying, but I attribute that to the fact that there were two authors collaborating and so it is probably hard to please both authors. I also noticed a few discrepancies, but nothing major and once again attributed to the pains of co-authoring.

While this novel is classified as science fiction, it's more romance set in a science fiction setting. It's absolutely cute, and no sex and whatnot, so if you are looking for a romance with real characters and real situations, this is it. The characters are believable and it's hard not to get sucked into the story and start getting annoyed when a character is acting stupidly. That's the beauty of the story. It may make you mad, but you must admit that you were pulled in and engrossed in the plot.

I have been unable to find the other 2 books these authors wrote together, which disappoints me. I gather that Cynthia Felice is not a very well-known writer, as I can't find a single one of her novels. Connie Willis is also hard to find, despite the fact that she has numerous books out and they are all wonderful. I highly recommend this book, and others by either of the authors as you won't be disappointed.

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