Sunday, May 6, 2007

Men in Kilts - 4 stars

Summary of Men in Kilts by Katie MacAlister:
Mystery writer Kathie Williams firmly believes in rules when it comes to romance, and falling in love at first glance is not one of them. Yet somehow one look at Iain MacLaren and Kathie forgets the conference she's attending to dream up ways to seduce the dishy Scotsman. She accepts a surprise dinner invitation from Iain, which leads to a much more intimate kind of evening than she ever could have imagined. Throwing caution to the wind, Kathie agrees to spend the rest of her vacation with him on his sheep farm in the Scottish Highlands, but any hope of a long-term relationship with her laconic lover means dealing with his assorted relatives and neighbors, a scheming ex-paramour who is not about to let Iain slip through her clutches, and Iain's career, which involves letting adorable lambs become someone's entree.

This is another one of Katie MacAlister's genius romances, which always involve believable situations, real women (curves and all), and likable characters. I found myself finding a lot in common with Kathie, the main character. I laughed at her determination, and was also laughing at myself for doing the same thing in my own relationship. I saw her fear, uncertainness, and later trust mirror my own relationship. I really could connect with the story, which then made it even more enjoyable at the happy ending, as that's how I want my own life to end up. I definitely recommend this to the romance-enthused.

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