Monday, April 30, 2007

M'Lady Witch - 4 stars

Summary of M'Lady Witch by Christopher Stasheff:
M'Lady Witch is charming, a blend of adventure, intrigue, and (of course) a healthy dose of romance. Cordelia Gallowglass, daughter of SCENT agent Rod Gallowglass, has been targeted for destruction by the enemies of democracy on her native planet of Gramayre. Now emerging into womanhood, she has always thought she would marry Prince Alain. Yet Alain seems disturbingly prissy and overbearing, and Cordelia herself is not sure whether she loves him. When he, desperate to prove himself a capable suitor, decides to take lessons in gallantry and romance from her errant brother Geoffrey, she knows she's going to have to stop the two fools before enemies none of them were aware of begin to close in...

This is part of a series that Stasheff writes about "warlocks" who really just have esp powers. I have never read any of the other books, as this was purchased for me by my mother. They seem like they could be interesting. Luckily there is enough explanation that reading the previous ones is not required. While the book itself is cheesy (thee, thou, etc as well as the tagline: "Willful, wayward, wild... the Warlock's daughter is all grown up!"), it has enough adventure and plot to make it interesting. It's a good read, if you don't mind a few things left unresolved and cheesy romance.

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