Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sky Coyote

Summary of Sky Coyote by Kage Baker:
Cunningly blending a pre-Columbian past with a 24th century extrapolated from every adult's nightmare about the younger generation, Baker's second installment in her Company series proves a witty match to In the Garden of Iden. Fresh from a cushy R&R after a supervisory stint in the Inquisition, time-hopping cyborg Facilitator Joseph jaunts to 16th-century Alta California. There, cybernetically outfitted with fur and paws, he apotheosizes to the cannily entrepreneurial Chumash Indian tribe so he can collect them and their entire biosystem for Company studies in the remote future. Joseph's Company is Baker's deliciously wicked platform for satirizing past, present and all-too-likely future human frailties. From sure-handed sendups of 24th-century Cinema Standard speech patterns and a dismayingly suggestive portrait of the Chumash Medical AssociationAstaring eyes, knotted hair and an air of too frequent consumption of alkaloidsAto the Company's sacred Greater Mission Statement, Baker nails her 20th-century targets: societal, religious and oh-so-personal hypocrisy.

I read the first book in this series, The Garden of Iden quite awhile back and remembered liking it enough that I wanted the second. It was years until I had finally gotten around to ordering it, and I'm pleased to find that I wasn't mistaken in adding it to my list. I love the historical context pitted against the futuristic, making it a very enjoyable read. I have now found that there are 8 (?) more novels in the series, making my work cut out for me! I highly recommend this series, starting with The Gardne of Iden since it is referrenced quite a few times in Sky Coyote.

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